Together, sky is the limit


Partners from the

United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands join forces to support SME’s in their digital transition.

ETA an Approved Chartered Management Institute Centre (CMI) including as an assessment centre for the Institute’s prestigious Chartered Manager. Currently, ETA has 300+ learners working towards a variety of coaching & mentoring, consulting and management & leadership programmes, including short and long term training courses.
ETA is the leadpartner of the PRONTO project.

John Moore
United Kingdom
Learning Hub Friesland enables, drives and maximises innovation in education in Friesland, The Netherlands. LHF actively harvests the challenges found in education and training in the Friesland region and beyond. We are keen to form the education & training gateway to and from our region: exporting good initiatives developed in our region to other European regions and importing strong examples from elsewhere.
Erna van der Werff
The Netherlands
KlareKoek has a small multi-disciplinary team that delivers complete solutions for mostly healthcare, education and government. We are all about making a social impact. We thrive on really helping other people with our products/solutions. Never stop until all stakeholders are fully satisfied. With our team we make e-learnings, serious games, animations, illustrations, infographics, apps and advanced websites.
Andrez Zijlstra
The Netherlands
Management, Accounting and Education Research Association (MAERA) is a Portuguese non-profit organisation founded in 2014, which aims to promote, support and disseminate research in Management, Accounting and Education. The members of MAERA include small and medium companies of several areas, teachers, researchers, students and public in general.
Paulino Silva
Best Cybernetics is a Software, Consulting and Training company. With headquarters at Patras, Best Cybernetics has developed business activities covering the whole Greece and has developed a significant partner network and a large customer base. Company’s main objective is to develop programmes on the use and application of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) in the Education, Training and Business sectors.
Nicole Georgogianni
Professional Training Solutions (STP Consulting) is located in Zaragoza (Spain) and it offers training and technical support to private companies, public bodies, schools, NGOs into innovation in the areas of education sector, and professionalisation of non-profit sector. Contribute with our services to intercultural change, and to accessibility of innovation and information for people and communities with a social risk as well as disadvantages.
Marta Muñoz
ASSET – AziendaSpecialeSviluppoEconomico e Territorialedella Basilicata – is an Agency of the Chamber of commerce, industry, craftsmanship and agriculture of Basilicata. ASSET is a body governed by public law that has among its statutory tasks business and entrepreneurship training and education, with a particular focus on new entrepreneurs and services in support of technological and organisational innovation in local SMEs.
Saverio Primavera