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Meeting pronto on the PRONTO project in Porto

Meeting pronto on the PRONTO project in Porto.

After working together in the European partnership PRONTO for one year, the partners finally meet in Porto at the premises of host partner MEARA.

MAERA stands for Management, Accounting and Education Research Association. This PRONTO project partner is a Portuguese non-profit organisation founded in 2014, which aims to promote, support and disseminate research in Management, Accounting and Education. Managing director Paulino Silva explains ‘at MAERA we try to link the academic world to the world of work. In practise this means that we translate academic research conducted to fit the needs of the small and medium sized enterprises in our region.’

After discussing the overall project activities as tasks and checking whether the project activities are on track, the PRONTO project team dove into the Platform and Toolkit developed by Greek partner Best Cybernetics.

About the project

Partners from the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands join forces to support SME’s in their digital transition.

The aim is to identify the lessons from this project which will be implemented in the context of VET teacher/trainers engaged in entrepreneurship training and to share these lessons with the wider VET sector and other stakeholders.

PRONTO’s objectives are:

  • To develop a new VET tool (PRONTO) and learning portal designed to help entrepreneurs and managers to implement business performance improvements;
  • To train 14 VET teacher/trainers in the use and delivery of PRONTO, ultimately leading to a European network of Approved PRONTO trainers;
  • To inspire managers and entrepreneurs from SMEs in IT, UK, PT, NL EL and ES and other countries to use the PRONTO VET tool and learning portal;
  • To raise awareness of VET stakeholders responsible for increasing the competitiveness and performance of SMEs of the PRONTO VET tool and methodology.

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