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Enterprises, whether large of small, need to constantly reviewand improve the quality of their products and services and tofind new ways of responding to new challenges andopportunities to remain competitive. Organisations need toconstantly innovate and improve their processes, productivityand performance or risk being left behind by competitorsoffering better, cheaper, faster service and products. Businessimprovement projects can play an important in helpingbusiness owners and managers to drive change andimprovements.


The PRONTO partners have develop four Learning Journeys. Each Learning Journey has a set of learning outcomes and assessment criteria and exploresthe different aspects of setting up business improvement projects.

The four Learning Journeys that are available now are:

– LJ1: Introduction to Business Improvement Projects (Lead: ETA)

– LJ2: Identifying Opportunities for Business Improvement Projects (Lead: MAERA)

– LJ3: Begin with the End in Mind (Lead: STP)

– LJ4: Implementing and Monitoring Business Improvement Projects (Lead: LHF)


Download them now in on of the partner languages EN, PT, NL, ES, EL and IT.


About the project


Partners from the United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands join forces to support SME’s in their digital transition.

The aim is to identify the lessons from this project which will be implemented in the context of VET teacher/trainers engaged in entrepreneurship training and to share these lessons with the wider VET sector and other stakeholders.

PRONTO’s objectives are:

  1. To develop a new VET tool (PRONTO) and learning portal designed to help entrepreneurs and managers to implement business performance improvements;
  2. To train 14 VET teacher/trainers in the use and delivery of PRONTO, ultimately leading to a European network of Approved PRONTO trainers;
  3. To inspire managers and entrepreneurs from SMEs in IT, UK, PT, NL EL and ES and other countries to use the PRONTO VET tool and learning portal;
  4. To raise awareness of VET stakeholders responsible for increasing the competitiveness and performance of SMEs of the PRONTO VET tool and methodology.

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