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Improve the competitiveness of your business with the ultimate project management tool!

1st of November

Improve the competitiveness of your business with the ultimate project management tool!


PRONTO app is the first intellectual output of the Erasmus+ project, Projects On Time and On Budget (PRONTO). The main goal of the app is to help Europe’s SMEs by offering a complete project management tool.

The app is an intuitive user-friendly solution for entrepreneurs to manage all the activities of their business. Users may login from wherever they are, from any device with a simple internet connection. Through the app, entrepreneurs, or  assigned managers  have the ability to manage  all their business improvement projects, monitor all the different stages of the project’s implementation and communicate directly through the app. At the same time, it provides all the necessary tools for optimal use by all team members of a company such as import files, calendar, deadline tracking as well as group chat. And all this through a single user interface!

In more detail, the PRONTO app offers SMEs a solution for:

Task and time management     

Each project is listed by the entrepreneur or the designated managers who invite the project team quickly & easily through the app. Each project has all the necessary information about its implementation available, accessible to all team members. The information includes details such as the tasks to be done by each member, the status of the project, timelines etc, ensuring that all members know what tasks need to be done and by when.

Project monitoring    

The entrepreneur or managers have access to statistical data about the productivity of the team or the time spent on each task. This data is updated in real-time, offering total control of each project, ensuring that the project is completed efficiently and on schedule.


Project members have a variety of tools at their disposal that simplify and facilitate their collaboration and communication, such as personal and team level messaging through the app.


The app provides entrepreneurs and managers access to a visually intuitive project management user interface that is updated in real time. Through easy-to-read diagrams, all the information of a project is presented, and the possibility of exporting the information in various formats is given.

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  • Make it easier to assign tasks to your team members, track deadlines, or reschedule projects.
  • Focus on optimizing processes with automated procedures.


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